Companies interested in organizing volunteer opportunities for their employees turn to BVU for expertise and complete project management.


BVU connects your company's employees with the right volunteer opportunities for team building, civic engagement, and community impact. Whether you have 5 employees or over 500, we can provide corporate social responsibility projects that promote teamwork while helping the community. You will be able to address the "community cause" that matters most to your company, employees and stakeholders.

Our Corporate Projects

  • Make a difference in the neighborhoods, communities, and cities where your employees and clients live and work.
  • Build leadership and skill development, team building, loyalty and retention, employee recruitment, an improved public reputation and a stronger community.
  • Can occur on the day and time that works for you.

Service Offerings

Corporate Volunteer Projects are a BVU Business Member service. Click HERE to learn more.


BVU will fully execute your service day including project scoping, supply procurement, volunteer registration, site management, and more.

Join other BVU Business Members for a collaborative day of service. These events allow your employees to give back to the community while networking with other regional businesses.

BVU will provide a list of team volunteer projects that meet your requirements (# of people, date, etc) and connect you for an impactful day of service!