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Granger United Methodist Church

OUR BELIEFS We are on a journey We are Followers of Christ The thoughts of one leader in the early church were true in the first century and remain true, especially in 2020 and the Covid-19 crisis. The world does not yet know what will be. The Followers of Christ do not yet know what will be. This is not the first global crisis and it will not be the last. Christ Followers will trust God will reveal what we are to be when God deems the time. Until that time, we trust in God. Granger UMC knows this is a time of swift changes, disrupting traditions and feeling pressed to adapt. It is also a time to hold onto the principals that define Christ Followers. While our in-person worship services have been suspended, Granger UMC leaders have not been idle. Our top priority is re-forming the culture of this congregation.

Faith-Based Service
Families, Other
Medina, OH, 44256

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