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Information for Nonprofit Partners


How We Help

BVU builds collaborative partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, schools, faith-based groups and other community agencies to create real change through volunteerism and community involvement.

How You Benefit

Our nonprofit partners gain access to community volunteers, corporate groups, and a robust set of nonprofit services designed to help you achieve your mission.

Our goal is to connect the community and business sector with volunteer opportunities of all types, and to provide much needed assistance to our nonprofit partners. Whatever the need, we welcome new opportunities for partnership.


Our Services

Our nonprofit partners can benefit from any or all of the following opportunities at NO COST:


Volunteer Recruitment

  • Connections to volunteers of all types -- Volunteers from all over Northeast Ohio visit our site with varying availability, interest, and skill levels.
  • Post anytime -- Nonprofits can post any type of volunteer opportunity in our Volunteer Center. This includes date specific and ongoing volunteer needs, volunteer orientations and workshops.
  • Market to and manage volunteers --Use our site to recruit, communicate with volunteers, keep track of volunteer attendance, hours, and stats.


Corporate Team Volunteer Projects

  • BVU connects our Business Members to Team Volunteer Projects and Days of Service.
  • We offer both project referral (connecting a business to you via email) and fully-managed projects (in which a BVU staff member works with your organization to scope, provide supplies, and manage the service day).
  • To specifically recruit business teams, please contact Rob Zaremsky.

Become a Partner

Virtual Volunteer Center Tour

We are here to help! Schedule time with us for an informative tour of our Volunteer Center!

For all general questions please email Ann Cancelliere or call 216-736-7711 ext 126.




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